MJM & The Environment

The Environment



MJM (Painters & Decorators Ltd). have always tried to seek the environmentally friendly route of business since the early days of the company's existance.


Not only does it help the company gain 'green' recognition it also makes the company incredibly more efficient and economical.


We were the first company in the world to receive Dulux's solar powered environmental washing system which has replaced our outdated filtered tank system.


The system enables MJM to wash out our employee's decorating tools and discard un-used paint which will harden to a safe and environmentally friendly material ready for recycling. The water that has been used to clean out our tools and paint is then filtered and can be used up to 10 times over.


The system is lightweight and easy to transport to any of our future contracts and is made from heavy gauge plastic and aluminium, so will not rust.


 MJM also hold the certificate for can recycling with Dulux Decorator Centres (please see right of page). This system allows us to recycle all of our tins and plastic tubs as well as any remaining paint left inside each container, the tin and plastic is in turn then used for making garden furniture and the recycled paint is used for energy.


 The company office in Rushden tries to adopt new environmental policies when the opportunities arrise. We recycle all office waste such as paper, plastic, tin and general waste at our local recycling centre and adopt a 'think before you print' policy on all emails.